The new UNO mattress collection, combining comfort with advanced technology for better quality sleep.

Adaptive® is a treatment that changes passive textiles to textiles that respond dynamically to temperature changes. As your body heats up, the adaptive treatment pushes the evaporation “gas pedal”.

Healthy sleep requires an adequate microclimate. In bed, comfortably tucked between the sheets, your body core temperature is approx. 37°C or 98.6 °F. Your skin is constantly emitting warmth and humidity. The ability of the bedding, especially below the body, to deal with the warmth and humidity is essential for recuperative sleep.

Hycare® is an antimicrobial treatment that offers a durable protection against dust mites and helps prevent the development of concentrations of allergens, which can cause allergic reactions.

The U.K.s “NUMERO UNO” for vacuum packed mattresses. There are offered with a 10 Year Guarantee.